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Managing D365 Security Roles via PowerApps

Hi Readers and Viewers

In this video, we will look at D365 Users and security roles in Canvas App.

Following are some key features of the app:

  • See list of users
  • See list of security roles
  • Assign security role to a user
  • Check security role of a user
  • Go to D365 Advanced Settings from within PowerApps
  • Go to MS Flows from within PowerApps

Here’s the video:

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PowerApps for Business Users & Consultants: Episode 6- Embedding Canvas App in Model Driven App

Hi Readers and Viewers

In this episode, we are going to look at, How to embed a canvas app into a model driven app.

We talk about the following limitations:

  1. One canvas app per model driven form.
  2. Changes in each app must be published separately to reflect.

We talk about some tips:

  1. Change format of the section of the field where you have enabled canvas app control.
  2. Make the field appear in the middle of section so that your canvas app can get most space.
  3. Rename the display name of the field to something small so that it takes less space.
  4. If you’re adding control to a very important field like ‘Account Name’ maybe add it twice on the form on different location.

We look at different layouts where the app looks better:

  • One column tab
  • Two columns tab
  • Three columns tab

Video here:

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PowerApps for Business Users & Consultants: Episode 5-Easy PowerApps Hacks To Make Your Users Life Easy

Hi Readers and Viewers

In this episode we are talking about super easy hacks which will help you in making a user friendly app. Following is what I am talking in the video; I have specified time against each item so I can watch what you want to watch and not the whole video:

  • Pop ups (with conditions) -2:00
  • Launch (website or another app) -8:15
  • Dynamic heading/title -11:10
  • Many to Many relationship galleries (are they any different to filter?) -15:45
  • Relate/Unrelate formulas -17:35
  • Push Notifications to PowerApps users -23:23

**(Dynamic push notifications example on this blog: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/pl-pl/blog/add-push-notification-to-you-app-and-boost-usage-and-retention/)

Video here:

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How To Customise Microsoft Forms Pro Theme? (MS FormsPro)

Hi Guys

This video is part of my quick tip series. In this video we will see the following:
1. Changing theme in Forms Pro
2. How to create custom theme for Forms Pro (with dimensions)?
3. Change colour of the Survey header based on the custom theme
4. Where to get Hex colour codes?

Here’s the video:

Hope it helps!

Colour website: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/

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