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TGIF Swag Shop is now live!

Hello Everyone

Thank God it’s Flow Shirts are now available.

Please note that it is in association with spreadshirts and I only get commission out of each shirt sold. And every cent of the commission earned will be donated to ‘Rural Aid Australia’

“Rural Aid is one of the largest rural charities in Australia. A nationwide charity, it was founded by Charles and Tracy Alder in 2015. Its focus is twofold – to provide support to farmers and rural communities in times of natural disaster as well as supporting the sustainability of the agricultural sector.”

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This is for a good cause and your support will be appreciated.

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#TGIF Episode 1: Getting Started With Microsoft Flow

Hi Readers and Viewers

In this episode of TGIF, we are going to see that how you and me can start our Flow journey. This is a short episodes and will cover the following:

  1. Licensing
  2. Sign up
  3. Start page
    • Enter a process name
    • Check templates
  4. Check out the mobile app
  5. Have you got the reason to use Flows yet?

I have covered licensing very briefly but there’s a lot of history and details about MS Flow licensing here by Jussi:

or you can visit for more details

Here’s the video:

Let me know your thoughts!

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