Dynamics CRM Tips and Tricks

Hello Readers! The following Dynamics CRM tips and tricks might help you to save some time. Hide Time on Email Templates Use the following formula, assuming you want to place ‘Created on’ of Case on Email Template: ‘{!incident:createdon/@date;}’ Reduce Number of Clicks Use recently viewed ‘Views’ and ‘Records’.   Use up and down arrows (top … Continue reading Dynamics CRM Tips and Tricks

Field Service- Tips & Tricks

Hello Readers This blog of mine, will certainly take few of your confusions away, on Field Service. I have tried to keep it simple, but you can ask questions to me any time J Change Colour of Statuses on Schedule Board Many a times, you have this requirement to match the colours with your organization’s … Continue reading Field Service- Tips & Tricks

Query Builder Error on Case Form

Hello Readers ---Quick One--- With the launch of Dynamics 365, there seems to be a problem with case form. This issue comes up when you: Install Field Service and try to link cases & work orders or You change something in the Case Business Process Flow There can be other's as well, but I have … Continue reading Query Builder Error on Case Form

Deal with Dynamics CRM Online Like a Pro

Hello Readers, In this blog, I have tried to include useful tips for MS CRM Online. Most of the times, we are not aware of them and we end up raising a ticket to Microsoft. You can download the tool here: https://orgdborgsettings.codeplex.com/ It is on codeplex and is supported by Microsoft. Tested Version: MS CRM … Continue reading Deal with Dynamics CRM Online Like a Pro


Hello Readers A recent new improvement in MS CRM has charmed many customers around the Globe, Email Signature. Yes, you read it right. Email Signatures are now part of Standard/vanilla/OOB MS CRM. Earlier we used to have alternatives for it, like using an email template or web resource for the same; Following URL might be … Continue reading EMAIL SIGNATURE in MS CRM 2016

MS CRM 2016 Mobile App Configuration

Hello Readers, We all know, how important mobile communication is for any Sales Team Member specially a field sales person. Following are few articles relevant to the importance of mobile technology for any sales team: 7 Ways You Can Help Your Sales Team Be More Effective http://www.cio.com/article/2849367/customer-relationship-management/7-ways-you-can-help-your-sales-team-be-more-effective.html The Importance of Up-To-Date Information for Salespeople http://www.reachforce.com/blog/expert-interview-series-matt-greener-of-app-data-room-about-the-importance-of-up-to-date-information-for-salespeople/Continue reading MS CRM 2016 Mobile App Configuration