Business Process Flows in Dynamics 365-Part II

This is in continuation of the topic ‘Business Process Flows in Dynamics 365-Part I

Now let’s see, how does Business Process Flows looks on CRM forms:

Colours have changed 🙂

I am in the second stage and have selected ‘Project type’ equals “Implementation”


I am in the second stage and have selected ‘Project type’ equals “Support”


Many a times, my clients have asked me about the ‘timer’; user must be able to see ‘How much time they have spent in current stage?’; No worries! here it is 🙂


You even get to see ‘Total time spent in this process’, cool that! 🙂


Icons have changed for next and previous stage button

Previous Stage  22   Next Stage

Just in case the process flow is irritating you, click on hide hide

A new button for multiple actions on Business Process Flows is introduced, called ‘Process


Click on that and you see, Switch Process, Edit Process & Abandon Process

We must be aware about Switch Process and Edit Process because of the availability in previous versions, if not:

Switch Process: it helps you to switch between multiple Business Process Flows, enabled for any entity at a given point of time. Basically, if you have multiple process flows which are not automated based on form type or any field and by mistake you started working on an irrelevant flow, you can switch process

Automating Switch Process Flows: (Refer this)

Edit Process: All users will not be able to see this option as this requires specific privileges, usually with System Admin. This feature helps you in modifying your Business process flow, right from the record level instead of going to>>settings>>processes; you can edit it from here

Abandon: Coolest of all J Abandon process will stop your process flows time, then and there. It even turns the process in to grey (deactivate) for this particular record. You can either switch to other process or reactivate this later.


Abandoned processes will be archived and can be reactivated, if required.

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5 thoughts on “Business Process Flows in Dynamics 365-Part II”

  1. Hi there, thanks for the article. Could you tell me where I might be able to find the timestamp field that indicates time in the current BPF stage? I would love to include it in a view.


  2. Unfortunately, it can’t be done via system fields as of now. its a timer on stage and process flow both so, you see ‘active time for stage’ and ‘active time for process flow’ separately. You can actually apply a javascript, to customize and get to know about timings. There can be multiple methods of achieving it.
    You can calculate the time difference between lead creation and qualification/closure etc.


    1. Thanks for your reply!

      I did a little more digging and found the field is actually on the new BPF entity where there is a BPF entity record for each “instance” of a BPF. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see this as a related record to Opportunity, so no view was possible. I ended up using a background workflow to copy the value of the stage timestamp to a custom field on the related Opportunity, and then a calculated field to show elapsed time.

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