Agent, Power Virtual Agent – Episode 6: Configuring Channels (Custom Website & Microsoft Teams)

Hello Everyone

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This episode of Power Virtual Agents (PVA) is about how to configure channels in your PVA.

This is #thenocodeway to leverage the power platform. Following steps are required:

Custom Website

  • Go to Channels –Custom Wesbite
  • Copy embed code
  • Go to your website and paste it on the desired page

Microsoft Teams

  • Go to Channels
    • Teams
    • Generate App ID by clicking ‘add’
  • Go to
    • Teams apps
    • Permission policies
    • Third party apps- allow
  • Go to Teams app-Create a channel if you need to
  • Go to app studio ( _Install App Studio)
    • Go to manifest editor and click create a new app
    • Enter app details
    • Then go to capabilities–bots
    • Set up an existing bot uEnter App ID generated by PVA
    • Go to finish and test your bot (Either download and upload file or just install and add)

Video here:

Hope it helps!

Stay safe!

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