Agent, Power Virtual Agent- Episode 4: Variables and Power Automate Actions

Hello Everyone

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This episode of Power Virtual Agents (PVA) is about understanding ‘Variables’ and ‘Calling an Action’ using Power Automate in PVA.

This is #thenocodeway to leverage the power platform. Following is covered in the video:


Dynamics content like office location, brand names

Save responses as variables

Bot can use it in a response too

Variables are always associated to entities

Power Automate

  • Build Power Automate from within PVA as actions
  • Watch TGIF (Thank God it’s Flow!)
  • Input expression-
  • first(body(‘List_records’)?[‘value’])
  • Output expression-
  • outputs(‘Compose’)?[‘field schema name’]

Video here:

Hope it helps!

Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Agent, Power Virtual Agent- Episode 4: Variables and Power Automate Actions”

  1. Hi, is there a way to delay the messages (using power automate to delay) from displaying in PVA. I mean, If I choose to display a message and then maybe call an action (which delays let’s say for 6 seconds) and then the new message will display. I am not good in creating flow so not sure how to make it.


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