Agent, Power Virtual Agent- Episode 3: Understanding Entities

Hello Everyone

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This episode of Power Virtual Agents (PVA) is about understanding ‘Entities’ in PVA.

This is for us #nocodemonkeys to leverage the power platform. Following is covered in the video:

  • Entities in PVA
    • To better understand a user’s intent
    • Think of it as an information unit like age, gender, shirt size, city, post code etc.
    • Prebuilt entities in PVA
    • Custom entities in PVA
  • Creating a custom entity
    • Enter name
    • List method preselected
    • Smart matching
    • Synonyms
  • Entities in a conversation
    • Identify
    • User options
  • Slot filling
    • Extracted values in an object

See you in the next episode.

Hope it helps!

Stay safe!

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