All you need to know about Dynamics 365 (Useful URLs/Weblinks)

Microsoft has recently (1st Nov 2016) announced the availability of Dynamics 365. This is a huge step and exciting too. With the launch of Dynamics 365 all CRM & ERP related apps (on cloud) will be accessible from one portal.

In this blog, I will be taking you through all you need to know about Dynamics 365


What applications are part of Dynamics 365?

S.No. Solution Read More
1 Sales
2 Service
3 Marketing (only for Business edition)
4 Field Service
5 Project Service
6 Customer Insights
7 Financials
8 Operations
9 Powerapps (only for Enterprise edition)


What Editions are available?

Based on the number of employees in an organization, editions are classified into:

Dynamics 365 Business (10-250 employees/users)

Dynamics 365 Enterprise (250 and above employees/users)

What is the difference between Business & Enterprise editions?

Business edition comes with all 8 applications included while Enterprise does not include Financials. I guess, Enterprise edition does not include ‘Financials’ based on the assumption that a larger organization would require a full fledged financial system.

Enterprise edition also includes availability of Powerapps, which is not there for Business Edition

How about licensing and prices?

Pricing & Licensing FAQs (You might have to login to Partner source)

Licensing Models


Is Dynamics 365 mobile ready?

As of now following are available on different app stores:

Dynamics CRM

Field Service

Where can I Find partners?

Chat with Microsoft or search a Partner here:

Want to know more about Powerapps?

Why Marketing is not available for Enterprise Edition?

There is a new marketing solution in pipeline called Adobe marketing Cloud. This would be available for Enterprise edition of Dynamics 365 and this will be the preferred marketing solution from Microsoft. Read More:

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