Configuring a ClickDimension web form and creating cases in MS CRM on web form submission (Part 2)

Create Web Content: Go to settings>>ClickDimensions>>Web Content>>New

Enter an appropriate name, select the type of your web content, Lookup your domain; Under ‘Create new visitor as’ select Lead or contact, if required. Following types of web content can be created:

  • Form (current scenario)
  • Survey
  • Subscription
  • Landing Page

In ‘Auto response email’ select a clickdimensions email template and under ‘email subject’, type a suitable subject. Once you are finish entering details, click ‘save’. Once saved, you can now design your web form by clicking on ‘design’. If you want your web form to be compatible and responsive for mobile devices, do select ‘yes’ in ‘Web Responsive’


On clicking ‘Design’, following screen will pop up


On your right you can see, available fields for web form. After making changes, save the form and click preview:


Once ready, you can embed URL in your website or blog, by clicking on ‘Embed’. For more details


After your design is complete, click on ‘publish’


Posted Forms: Every time a form is submitted on the website, a ‘Posted form’ and a ‘lead’ record is created in MS CRM. Post Form is a ClickDimension entity. Posted form will include info about any related lead or contact or both. To know more


Limitation to achieve my objective: I could have used the lead record created after submission on website and converted it to a case via workflow automation of MS CRM. But Clickdimensions creates a lead in the system, with one email id just once; after which if any submissions come from the same email id, it will only update the existing lead record and not create a new lead. But as we know ‘Feedbacks/Cases/Complaints’ can come multiple times from the same email id; this didn’t work for me.

Solution: I used the ‘Posted forms’ instead of using leads. So I created a workflow in MS CRM, which was- On creation of ‘Posted form’, create a case in MS CRM. All details in this case are prepopulated from my Lead record which is linked to (lookup reference) Posted forms. Below screenshot might help:


Hope you find this post useful!

Drop your questions & suggestions in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

Happy CRMing!!

4 thoughts on “Configuring a ClickDimension web form and creating cases in MS CRM on web form submission (Part 2)”

  1. Hi Prashant,

    Thanks for such good post. All this years I was using different ways to create a case from the lead. Now it seems to be easy to create a case but my concern is that many clients don’t want a third party or a addon to be used. Is there any other way you suggest to create a case from lead or should we wait til the time Microsoft acquire Clickdimension to be used as an out of the box feature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Ravi !
      As per the road map, there’s no news of MS acquiring ClickDimensions. There is a new marketing tool on the way ‘Adobe Marketing Cloud’. There can be n no. of ways of creating a case with MS CRM now, as it has got much more enhanced then previous versions.
      If you have a specific query in mind, do post it on the community and i am sure people will give you good suggestions.


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