Adding a Member from one Marketing List to Another

MS CRM (version 2015 onwards) now provides you with the flexibility to add a member from one list to another. Marketing List can have members from following record type or entities:

  • Lead
  • Contact
  • Account

A lot of people are not aware about this feature but this really helpful.

Without this feature, we use to go to the Marketing List and add members by using lookup or advanced find. On the contrary this one is easy to do and take less steps and clicks.

Let’s see how it works: (I am taking an example of a Marketing List having member type as contact)

Go to Marketing>>Marketing Lists


Click on Marketing List and you will be redirected to List/Grid view of Marketing Lists


Click and open the list whose members you want to add to another list


Under the members subgrid, click on record associated view as highlighted above and you will be taken to the associated view as shown below:


Now select all the members you want to add to another list, once you select members; click on the ellipses and then click ‘add to another marketing list’ as shown below:


On clicking ‘add to another marketing list’, look up window with all related member type lists will pe presented on the screen. You can select the desired list and click ok, its done.

You can also create a new list by clicking on ‘new’ and add members from this list to the new list


Note: There is a known issue, that this feature is not working on MS CRM 2016 online and on-premise. You have to update your on-premise solution to SP1 and online solution to Update 1; and it works fine then.

Important: This feature works for following scenarios:

You can add members of You can add member to
Static List Static List
Dynamic List Static List
You can’t add members of You can’t add member to
Static List Dynamic List
Dynamic List Dynamic List

Hope you find it helpful !

Thanks for Reading !

Happy CRMing !!

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