3 Ingredients to take your Portal to the Next Level – Part II

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Second Ingredient: Charts

Customers logged into the portal always expect easy Interface and better visibility of their orders and its status.


Order Status

Shipment Status

Refund Status

Ticket Status

Scenario: I want to show consignments of a customer by consignment status.

Prerequisites: You must have the following available in your D365 instance-

  1. System View of your entity and its GUID
  2. Chart for your entity and its GUID

To get help on getting GUID of a chart and view, visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/portals/add-chart

Step 1: After completing the above listed prerequisites, go to Navigation>>Portals>>Entity List as shown below:

Step 2: Add entity list of the desired entity to be shown as chart and make sure you have selected the correct System View

Step 3: Replace the following text with the correct GUIDs of view and chart

{% chart id:”Enter GUID of the Chart here” viewid:” Enter GUID of the View here” %}

Step 4: Login to the portal as an admin and click edit on the corresponding page. I am doing it for ‘My Consignments’

Step 5: Select the correct entity List and then click on ‘Language Content’ tab

Step 6: Paste the text from “Step 3” here under Language Content and then click save

All done, following is what your customers will see on login.

Hope you find this helpful.

Happy CRMing! Read Part III

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