Change Display Color of Entity in CRM

Hello Readers

After the release of UR1 of MS CRM 2015 I found a strange yet useful feature. On entity configuration page there is an attribute called ‘color’. This is not yet officially mentioned anywhere in the UR1 related documents but the Good News is, its there

Screenshot below shows us the default color on Leads


Now let’s see, how to change this color:

Go to settings>>Customizations>>Entities>>Leads

Highlighted below is the default color code


Note: Color Code can be of maximum 7 characters

In the below screenshot, I have replaced the default color code by the color code of my choice


You can select color codes from or other similar websites

After changing the color code, click on save and then publish

That’s it, we are done with color change of Lead entity

Following is the result, Amazing, Isn’t it! 🙂


Hope you find it helpful !

Thanks for Reading !

Happy CRMing !!

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