Creating Business Process Flows in CRM 2013

Hello All,

Today I will share my thoughts on creating Business Process Flows(BPF)in CRM 2013.

First of all, let me set the context right….

BPFs are nothing but an automated replacement for your Sales pipeline; which we used to update through workflows under pipeline phase field in CRM 2011 or through customization. But now it can be automated with the help of BPFs.

How to create: Go to settings>> Processes

Click on new and select category of process as Business process flow. Now select the entity (Lead, Account, opportunity and cases in some scenarios). By default it is available for few entities rather transactional entities related to sales and case entity.


Is it available for custom entities: Yes it is. while creating an entity checkmark ‘Business Process flow’


Can we create a single BPF for two entities: Yes you can, you can add by clicking on +/- button


Can we have multiple stages: Yes you can have as many stages as you want; but always keep in mind that if there are too many stages (more than 5)  it might be a difficult UI for users.

Can i add fields associated to stages: Yes you can add fields associated to stages and mark them as required as well; if you wish that without filling these fields user should not be able to move to next stages.


Can i have different sales stages for different sales members: yes you can define via security roles. You can select which security role people to access which sales stages.


Happy CRMing !!

2 thoughts on “Creating Business Process Flows in CRM 2013”

  1. Hi Sajan,

    In BPFs you can define the Sales Stage yourself as per your organization sales cycle but that will have to be associated to a sales stage category; which is nothing but a bucket. Like you have Lead rating on leads. But you can change the sales stage category dropdown valuesalthough you can change lead rating drop down values 🙂


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