After Upgrading MS CRM 2013 to 2015 not able to add line items

Hello Readers,

its been so many days since version 2015 has been launched and now we have certain issues which we have faced after upgrading from 2013 to 2015.

One of such issue is ‘not being able to add product lines/line items’ in opportunity/quote/order/invoice

Here is a short blog on – how to resolve this issue:

When you try to add line items, you receive an error- ‘You do not have permission to access these record. Contact Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrator’


While when you check the security roles & permissions, you see all the privileges are provided on both products and related entity like opportunity/quote/order/invoice


Note: There are no permissions in MS CRM for Opportunity Products or Quote Products Or Order Products or Invoice Products; they are managed with the help of Opportunity & Products/Quotes & Products/Orders & Products/Invoice & Products together

We all know that in CRM 2015 there are enhancements in the product catalog feature including Bundling of products, hierarchy of products etc. this has introduced few new security permissions which are required in order to add line items in MS CRM. Following is a screenshot to make this error gone:


So you need to provide read, append & append to permissions on entities called Property, Property association, Property instance & Property option set item.

Thanks for reading !

Happy CRMing !

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